July 12, 2024

Netflix’s 3 Kannada Crime Docu-series Worth Watching! 

There are many documentary films that showcase struggles that might otherwise go unnoticed, and they’re incredibly versatile in terms of concept, which allows for a wide range of viewpoints. These original Kannada docu-series are examples. The series uses several snippets from the real-world scenario to recreate the show for the audience. If you are curious to know more about the crimes, then binge watch them now. Storylines in these series few insider details as well.

Three Kannada Crime Docu-series on Netflix

1. The Hunt for Veerappan – Latest Docu-series

Netflix is coming up with this new docu-series, the biggest and longest manhunt that Karnataka and Tamilnadu has witnessed. “The Hunt for Veerappan” vividly portrays the harrowing tale of India’s infamous criminal mastermind.

Source: Netflix

Starting August 4, 2023, Netflix brings to your screens a gripping series that delves into the life of Veerappan, unearthing his criminal exploits and revealing untold stories through riveting real-life crime narratives. Get ready for a captivating journey into the world of one of India’s most notorious criminals. You can stream it in Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam.

2. Beast of Bengaluru: Indian Predator  

The true crime documentary series is available with three episodes for you to watch. In the docu-series, a violent man conducts horrifying atrocities against women—mostly housewives and little girls during the day, when the men are out working. The Netflix series is about Umesh Reddy, a cop turned serial killer.

The police officers who were part of the investigation team narrates the story of Umesh Reddy’s murderous rampage also marked Bengaluru’s transition from a haven for retirees to an atmosphere of fear in 1996. Vice Studios produced the programme, which is written & directed by Ashwin Rai Shetty. 

His death sentence, which was upheld by both the High Court and the Supreme Court, was imposed after he was found guilty of 9 out of more than 20 alleged offenses. Reddy, who is still on execution row, has been portrayed in numerous films about his criminal activities. 

3. Crime Stories: India Detectives 

Criminals commit crimes. What happens next? This docu-series presents Bengaluru police department’s approach in capturing criminals? In this gripping series about four major crimes, Bengaluru police on the job answer these questions and more. 

This Netflix’s docu-series has four episodes which capture the insights about the functioning and solving the major crime investigations. N Amit and Jack Rampling are the creators and directors of the Netflix original docuseries. Under the production company Minnow Films, Claire Cahill produced the  series. N. Shashi Kumar, Roopa K. S, and Gopala Nayak(the police officers) are its stars.

In the first episode, the police investigate the murder of a woman while her son sustains injuries. The devastated & injured son places blame on his sister. In the second episode DCP Shashi Kumar and Inspector Lohith discover a man’s dead body. The mother of the man thinks that her son’s wife and mother-in-law committed the crime in order to profit. The third episode is an investigation of the woman’s murder inside her own house while her son is away. The last episode is solving a case of a one year old kid whose parents doubt their friend being part of the abduction. 

Watch how the police solve the above cases now. It is totally worth it. 

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