May 24, 2024

Fueling Speculation: 5 Things Between ‘Salaar’ & ‘Ugramm’ That Keep Rumors Alive! 

Amidst the Current Hype Surrounding Prabhas’s Upcoming Film ‘Salaar,’ Speculations Emerge Linking it to Prashanth Neel’s 2014 Kannada Hit ‘Ugramm’. 

Salaar, starring Prabhas and Shruti Haasan, is a gangster drama with high-octane action sequences throughout the movie. Originally scheduled for an October 28 release, it will now release on December 22 this year. The first Indian film to adopt Dark Centric Theme (DCT) technology to make the film. As a result, the film’s lighting pattern and colour palette will be darker in colour. 

On the other hand, Ugramm is a 2014 Kannada crime thriller featuring Srimurali and Haripriya. It centred around a young man’s involvement in the underworld. 

While Salaar is not a direct remake of Ugramm, audiences expect it to share similarities because both films are directed by Prashanth Neel and has gangster elements. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that Salaar boasts a much bigger scale, with a larger budget and an ensemble cast. Hoping that it is apart from Ugramm. 

These Five Similarities/Instances are Doing a Good Job of Fueling Rumours. 

Fans have identified similarities and formulated theories linking the two films since the release of the Salaar posters and teaser.

1. Ravi Basrur’s Statement 

In one of the old interviews, music director Ravi Basrur, who collaborated with director Prashant Neel on both Ugramm and KGF, had openly mentioned that there is a widespread belief that Prabhas’ film, Salaar is a remake of Ugramm.

2. The Scene In Which The Protagonist Gets The Tattoo 

One leaked image has further fueled speculation among netizens regarding the connection between Salaar and Ugramm. In the image, Prabhas is seen engaging in a conversation with a woman, leading many to believe that it may depict a pivotal moment reminiscent of a scene from Ugramm. Some have even suggested that this scene could be either when Sriimurali’s character, Agastya, utters the iconic dialogue or the one where he acquires a lion tattoo.

3. The Gun Scene 

In the film’s climax scene, the striking similarity in how both characters hold the gun in the action sequence. This becomes a compelling focal point that ignites conversations and spurs the audience’s curiosity. 

4. The Covered Tattoo 

Early official images of Prabhas from Salaar generated significant discussion when they surfaced, revealing that a substantial portion of his left arm had conspicuously concealed. This is done to obscure any visible tattoos or references to his character’s turbulent and violent history.

5. The Interval Scene 

In the other leaked image, the backdrop has a striking resemblance to that of the Ugramm’s interval scene. 

This speculation is due to their shared director, visual aesthetics, and thematic elements. Prashanth Neel has clarified that his upcoming film Salaar is not a direct remake of his directorial debut, Ugramm. Nevertheless, he has emphasized that his distinctive style, often characterized by certain elements found in Ugramm, will be a consistent presence in all of his future films. 

Despite claims that the movie is removed from OTT platforms by many Twitter users, ‘Ugramm’ (Kannada) is still accessible on various OTT platforms.

The only way to find out is to be patient and await its release day. 

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