May 27, 2024

13 Tweets To Check Out Before Watching ‘Avatara Purusha’

When filmmakers make movies intending to create a cinematic experience, it’s not just about telling the story but also about how they tell it. A film that keeps you waiting for part 2 is good, and Avatara Purusha succeeds in it and wins the Kannada audience’s heart.

It’s time to get ready for the laugh riot of a lifetime! when it is a Suni and Sharan Combination. The chemistry between Sharan and Ashika Ranganath is one of the most compelling aspects of the film. The characters are introduced to us through a plotline revolving around black magic, which is an entirely different world and new to the audience.

The movie’s cast consists of Srinagar Kitty, Sai Kumar, Sudharani, Sadhu Kokila, Bhavya, Ashutosh Rana, Balaji Manohar, and Ayappa Sharma of KGF fame.

Have a look and see what netizens have to say about the new release.

10 Tweets To Check Out Before Watching ‘Avatara Purusha’

Have you booked your tickets yet for Avatara Purusha??

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