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11 Beautiful & Famous Bird Sanctuaries In Karnataka That You Must Visit

Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka showcase the wide range of plant and animal life that this state preserves within its boundaries. The lush greenery here welcomes many migratory birds, which flock to the state to enjoy the beauty of its bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. 

We recommend visiting these bird sanctuaries during your Karnataka trip if you like to sit and watch birds! Along with bird watching, you can also indulge in trekking, camping and boating in few of the below-mentioned bird sanctuaries. 

Eleven Beautiful & Famous Bird Sanctuaries In Karnataka That you Should Visit

1. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

One of the Largest Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka

A paradise for birds and bird-watchers is nestled on the banks of the gorgeous River Kaveri! Peafowl, storks, and other members of the bird kingdom will captivate you with their beauty at the sanctuary. The best place for a one day visit from Namma Bengaluru.  

Best time to visit: June to November

bird sanctuaries in Karnataka

2. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

On the riverbank Kali, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary welcomes many exotic birds, which also gives shelter to many other animals and local birds.  

Best time to visit: March to October

3. Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary

The Only Vulture Bird Sanctuary In Karnataka and India

Located in Ramanagara, Ramadevara Betta is the only bird sanctuary in India that conserves the endangered long-billed vulture.

Best time to visit: November to March

bird sanctuaries in Karnataka

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4. Magadi Bird Sanctuary

Located in the Gadag district, The sanctuary has been home to this lovely species for more than a decade. It will continue to be one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. The Bar Headed Goose is one of a hundred and thirty-four species.

Best time to visit: In the winter season. 

5. Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

One of the must-visit Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka 

Basking in the shade of the forest and flanked by the Tunga river, the place serves as an ideal habitat for birds to nest and breed. Also, you can go for a trek and boat ride with the help of locals. 

Best time to visit: July to September 

6. Bonal Bird Sanctuary – One of the largest bird sanctuaries in Karnataka

Camp, Stay overnight and wake up to the mesmerizing view and exuberant morning. The park is famous for various migrating birds, such as the purple heron and the white-necked stork, which grace the beauty of its landscapes every year.

7. Gudavi Bird Sanctuary

The Best Bird sanctuaries in Namma Karnataka

Situated in Shimoga and spread over many acres of grounds by the Gudavi Lake. You can see waterbirds in the sky over the sanctuary by a water body as you walk toward it. A trail lined with tall trees creates an excellent canopy for you to trek underneath. 

Best time to visit: July to November

gudavi bird sanctuary
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8. Attiveri Bird Sanctuary

Nestled in Uttar Karnataka, this bird sanctuary is a feast for the eyes with over 79 species of birds, including 22 from other countries. 

You will find birds like Indian Shag, Spoonbill, Common Gray Hornbill and many others. 

Best time to visit: November to March. 

9. Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary

Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary is a haven for birds migrating in the spring and fall seasons. The Ghataprabha River runs alongside this sanctuary, which is located among acres of agricultural land. The sanctuary hosts 225 bird species during migration season.

Best time to visit: October to May

10. Adichunchanagiri Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary was initiated to protect and preserve peacocks; it is now home to over 250 species of birds. Its addition to this, Butterfly Park adds to this place’s radiance. 

Look for the Sirkeer Malkoha, the Yellow-throated Bulbul, the Indian Robin, and the Laughing Dove.

Best time to visit: April to October

11. Bankapura Peacock Park 

The government created an exclusive bird sanctuary for peacocks in Karnataka, India.

The Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary is home to hundreds of peacocks, allowing visitors to glimpse India’s national bird.

Best time to visit: Any time of the year

Exciting, isn’t it? So when are you planning for a bird sanctuaries trip in Karnataka?

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