June 20, 2024

Chindi Chitranna X Kata Drops Their New Protest Song | Check It Out Now! 

The song starts with ‘Kela prayāṇikarige nidhānavāgi hōgabēkanta vinanti, guṇḍigaḷa kāṭa’ 

Source: YT/ChindiChitranna

The protest songs are great for drawing people together and inspiring them to take action or reflect on what’s happening around them. This is exactly what Chindi Chitranna fame Deepak and Kata.studio90 has done. The artists here addresses the issues many people face daily, speaking from the heart and using their voices to reach out to others.

This song addresses the issue of POTHOLES.

Source: YT/ChindiChitranna

The roads in Karnataka are always in bad shape. The potholes are still there, and they are increasing day by day. Most of us do not know that there are several problems caused due to this condition of roads. Potholes cause inconvenience for all vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. A large number of potholes can even cause accidents if it is not taken care of properly. 

Recently, many people have suffered injuries due to accidents caused due to potholes on roads. This issue is so serious for us and society that some people have even died from such accidents!

The Shear negligence from the government and immense corruption and substandard work by the government agencies have made Karnataka a #pothole state. A major theme of the song is mockery of government, which serves as a mirror to show how sorry and incapable they are.

Chindi Chitranna conceptualized the song, and also joined hands with Kata Kodu to write the lyrics.

Here are the social media handles – Kata.kodu & Chindi Chitranna

Enjoy the song!

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