May 24, 2024

Do Not Miss Out These Top 7 Major Dams in Karnataka

Big gates, gushing water and backwaters with scenic views await you. Your next trip should be to one of the dams in Karnataka. There are several activities that you can do here, including photography, sightseeing, and boat rides along with the dams. 

Many rivers have dams built across them, like the Krishna, Kaveri, Tungabhadra, Vedavathi, Netravathi, and Sharavathi.

Here is a list of seven major dams in namma Karnataka – ‘One State Many Worlds’ picturesque and worth visiting. 

1. KRS Dam – Beautiful Dam in Mysuru,Karnataka.

The Krishna Raja Sagar dam, constructed across the Kaveri River in Mysuru by Sir M.Visvesvaraya in 1924, is one of the most famous dams in Karnataka. KRS Dam provides residents of Mysore and Bangalore with a reliable source of drinking water. The dam also provides irrigation water to Mysore and Mandya. 

The beautiful gardens surrounding this location also serve as a shooting location for movies and supply power to the Shivanasamudra hydroelectric power station. 

In addition to this, the major attraction here is the Brindavan Gardens for tourists. The picnic spot comprises a Botanical Park with fountains. Tourists all around the year visit this stunning spot to enjoy the various activities and beautiful natural surroundings.

dams in karnataka

Best time to visit: During and after monsoon season.

2. Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam

The oldest dam in Karnataka, the other name is Mari Kanive. A dam was built across the river Vedavathi by the Mysore Maharajas before India gained independence. 

The dam is an elegant piece of architecture, a marvelous engineering feat in that era, and provides water to dry areas in central Karnataka. The Panchavati garden comprises medical plants with traditional cultural themes such as the Rashis, Sapta Swaras, Nava Graham and many more. 

It takes about 20 km to reach the village from Hiriyur, located off of the NH4 (Bangalore – Mumbai National Highway).

dams in Karnataka

Best time to visit: Monsoon and winter season.

3. Tungabhadra Dam – A Multipurpose Dam in Karnataka

Tungabhadra Dam was built across the Tungabhadra River in Hospet. It is used for irrigation, flood control, and hydroelectricity. Tungabhadra Dam is one of the most popular attractions in the town of Hospet near Hampi

tungabhadra dam

Best time to visit: The gates will be open in the month of July and August.

4. Linganamakki Dam

The Linganamakki dam was built on the Sharavathi river to provide irrigation and drinking water to the locals. It is about nine kilometres from the Jog Falls.

The scenery is breathtaking, with gorgeous views of the forested islands and hills covered with beautiful backwaters. Tourists can enjoy water-based activities, including boating, and a park for children to play. Visitors often see crocodiles and migratory birds here.

Rajinikanth’s movie Lingaa was shot here, an exciting piece of information.

linganamakki dam - Karnataka

Best time to visit: Monsoon season.

5. Almatti Dam

Almatti Dam is a part of the Upper Krishna Irrigation Project and a hydroelectric project in North Karnataka. Krishna River Project has several attractions, including seven terrace gardens, a picnic spot, and an artificial forest with wild animals. A must visit dam if you are in Bijapur. 

dams in karnataka

Best time to visit: During winters and monsoon seasons.

6. Bhadra Dam – Scenic Dam in Karnataka

The Bhadra Dam, built across the forested landscape of Bhadra Tiger Reserve and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, is located on the Bhadra River in Chikkamagaluru.

The dam offers impressive views of the surrounding lush green hills and stunning views of the surrounding picturesque setting.

There are several small islands where you’ll see a wide variety of migratory birds, many of them native to this region.

Best time to visit: Monsoon season.

7. Supa Dam 

Supa Dam – One of the hidden and lesser-visited places in Uttara Kannada

supa dam

The Supa Dam is a dam located in the town of Dandeli in Joida Taluk. The government built the dam across the Kali River. On your way to the dam, you can stop at a bridge across the Kali River for a view of the dam and see gushing water when the gates are open.

Best time to visit: During October to May.

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