April 25, 2024

10 Sakkath Minimal Kannada Posters That You’ll See on the Net.

A minimal poster speaks a thousand words. These Minimal Kannada Posters are the replica of one’s creativity.

Minimalism – The idea when less is more. In this case, this form of art could be cultivated from pop culture.

To begin with, on a sunny weekend surfing on social media, I stumbled upon this page called Minimal Movie Posters Kannada. Furthermore, exploring the minimalist posters dedicated to Kannada movies, I was amazed to see this new form of creativity.

To summarize, the idea of representing the story or a character within that minimal design.

But wait, there’s more!!

Minimal posters can never be outdated. Similarly, the audiences can immediately connect to these form of posters. Also, minimal posters can be a part of the movie marketing strategy.

Meet the person behind these posters – Puneeth BA.

Minimal Kannada Posters

Popularly known as “Poster Boy of Sandalwood” named by the netizens for designing over 500 minimal posters of Sandalwood movies. Hence becomes the one and only official online page dedicated to create minimalist movie posters in Kannada.

An actor, content creator, short filmmaker, digital platform strategist. Besides this, Puneeth BA Poster Boy Art Studios is also famous for capturing the actor’s journey with an online documentary “Celebrating Ramesh Arvind”, when Ramesh Arvind completed working on 100 movies.

Afterward, his Kathe Project was a web series and pop culture Kannada videos to showcase the Bengaluru urban middle-class families. The character in the pop culture Kannada videos is ‘Uncle’. The videos are hilarious.

Here are the mind-blowing minimal posters designed by Puneeth BA.

10 Sakkath Minimal Kannada Posters That You’ll See on the Net.

1. Buddhivantha

Minimal Kannada Posters

2. Naagarahaavu


3. Gaalipata

Minimal Kannada Posters

4. Upendra

Minimal Kannada Posters

5. Sidlingu


6. Server Somanna

Minimal Kannada Posters

7. Kadamba

Minimal Kannada Posters

8. Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu

9. Ulidavaru Kandanthe

10. Eradu Kanasu

Image credits: MPK

Check out his social media profiles for guaranteed entertainment.


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