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19 Facts About Kannada Film Industry That Will Surprise You 

The vibes of watching movies on a big screen are magical; it’s not just about watching the film but also about how we feel when we watch it. The whistles, the claps for favourite heroes, and the roars for our favourite scenes are the best experiences anyone can ask for. Kannada film industry has given some greatest stars, mind-blowing movies and has contributed a lot to Indian cinema. 

The best thing about Kannada cinema is that it has never failed to entertain its audience. We have got some of the most talented directors and actors in the Kannada industry who have made Kannada cinema what it is today.

The feeling of being a part of something big, the cinematic experience is unlike any other. This article will explore lesser-known facts about the Kannada film industry.

19 Facts about Kannada Film Industry 

1. Kannada Film Industry’s First Movie

The first Kannada talkie, ‘Sati Sulochana’ (made way back in 1934), had a budget of just forty thousand rupees. 

Kannada Film Industry

2. Iconic Kannada Movie OM

Upendra initially had Kumar Govind(hero of Shhh movie) in mind to play the lead role in Om; later, it went on to the hands of Shivrajkumar. 

3. Suri – Darshan Combo 

Did you know this? The makers of Kendasampige initially offered Challenging star Darshan the lead role, but they decided to move on due to a lack of dates.

suri darshan kannada movie

4. Yograj Bhat and Golden Star Ganesh Movie

Mungaru Male is the first Indian movie to be screened in multiplexes continuously for a year. This movie was a gamechanger for the Kannada film industry.

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5. Bengaluru’s First Theatre

Kannada film industry’s first movie was released here in 1934. 

In the 1920s, the city of Bangalore got its first theatre. The Paramount Theater, later renamed Parimala Talkies, was located in City Market. 

6. Foreign Location 

The first Kannada film to shoot abroad is Singapuradalli Raja Kulla starring Vishnuvardhan and Prachanda Kulla Dwarkeesh. 

Kannada Film Industry

7. First Kannada Hero

 The first hero of Kannada cinema is Subbaiah Naidu. The grandfather of Surjan Lokesh, a famous host.

kannada first hero

8. Did you Know?

Puneeth Rajkumar worked as a production coordinator for the film Swastik. The film starred Raghavendra Rajkumar, and Upendra directed it.

9. The Blockbuster Movie Milana

Milana ran for about 450 days in multiplexes. 

10. Underwater Shooting 

Shankar Nag was the first Indian director to film a movie underwater. The movie was ‘Ondu Mutthina Kathe’ and starred Dr Raj Kumar.

Kannada Film Industry

11. Debut in the Kannada Film Industry

Here are a few popular Indian artists who made their debut in Kannada films: Anil Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Mani Ratnam, Rajinikanth, Balu Mahendra(director), Ilayaraja, and Jayalalitha.

12. Pan Indian movies back then 

Kannada movie “Mahishasura Mardini”, released in 1959, was distributed and dubbed in 8 different languages and was superhit in all languages.

13. Kannada Film Industry’s Pride

The Kannada film “OM” has been re-released more than 500 times over the past 20 years. This is an all-time record in the history of India’s cinema. 

14. Big Budget Movie

Ravichandran’s Indian multilingual film, under his Eshwari Productions banner, was written, produced and directed by him. First south India’s big-budget movie. 

shanti kranti kannada big budget movie

15. The tune of the song Anisuthide 

The tune of ‘Anisuthide’ was first proposed for the movie America America by Manomurthy. 

anisuthe kannada song

16. Screening of Kannada Movies

The first International Film Festival held abroad screened these Kannada movies. Gejje Pooje, Sharapanjara, Chakratheertha, Samskara, Uyyala, and Shubha Shastri.


Director Yograj Bhat narrated the film Mungaru Male to Punith Rajkumar to play the iconic character Preetham.


According to a few media sites, here are some movies that Rashmika Mandana rejected. Jersey, a film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ram Charan’s proposed film with Shakar. 

19. The Nata Sarvabhouma of the Kannada Film Industry

Dr Raj Kumar has been awarded a Doctorate for his work as an actor. He is the only Indian actor awarded the prestigious Kentucky Colonel by the USA’s Kentucky state. 

Kannada Film Industry

These are a few things you might want to know about the Kannada film industry. If you know any more information, leave it in the comments!

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