June 20, 2024

These 6 Kannada Movies on Netflix are A Must Watch

We all know that Netflix is the go-to place for entertainment. However, there aren’t many Kannada movies on Netflix as compared to other languages. We hope that Netflix expands its Kannada content on its platform.

At present, there are only six Kannada movies on Netflix. In addition to this, there is a documentary series in Kannada and English language.

What happens when a criminal commits a crime? What is the Bengaluru police department’s process in capturing the criminal? Bengaluru police on the job offer a rare glimpse into these questions and more in this gripping series about four major crime investigations. 

The documentary series Crime Stories: India Detectives is streaming now. Watch it!

Here is the trailer!

Oh, wait, you have a Netflix subscription of your own??

Watch it then.

On the other side, the last decade has seen an explosion of creativity in Kannada cinema. The storylines appear to be unique and have found an audience of their own. The Kannada industry has churned out films like Ulidavaru Kandanthe, Avane Srimanaryana and the recent KGF: Chapter 1 (the most expensive Kannada film to be made). Here are content-oriented, unusual and simple storylines that you should watch. 

Here are 6 Kannada Movies on Netflix That One Shouldn’t Miss.

1. Govinda Govinda

A remake of the entertaining and a hit Telugu flick ‘Brochevarevarura’. A must watch for its interesting screenplay. If you are not the one who watches Telugu films, go for it. Do watch it in Kannada, starring Sumanth Shailendra, Vijay Chendoor, Achyuth kumar, Bhavana and Kavitha Gowda.

govinda govinda

2. Minchu Murali

A Kannada dubbed version of the recent Malayalam superhero film which is winning the hearts of the people on net. The movie is directed by Basil Joseph starring Tovino Thomas as the lead and a superhero. This movie surprises everyone in its own way.

A tale of a ordinary man in a village who acquires super powers when struck by lighting.

Watch it.

kannada movies on netflix

3. Nathicharami

This movie is made from a whole new perspective. It story talks about intimacy, social taboos, physical relationship, desire. The journey of a widow Gowri who finds herself struggling to accept that her husband has passed away. When she realises that she still has physical needs to fulfil, will she be able to get herself down on the bed? Meanwhile, a civil engineer, unhappy in his marital life, ends up befriending the Gowri.

kannada movies on netflix

What happens next? You got to stream this Kannada movie on Netflix. 

Written by Sandhya Rani and directed by Masoore, the film made a buzz on social media. Also won 5 national awards for the year 2018.

4. U-Turn

A mystery thriller. An investigative journalist, an inspector, a flyover, and a death. Makes a perfect plot. Shraddha Srinath played the lead role in this movie. It also featured Roger Narayan, Dilip Raj and Radhika Chetan in prominent roles. It was directed by Pawan Kumar, who previously made movies like Lucia and Lifeu Istene.

uturn - kannada movies to watch

Stream it!

5. Mundina Nildana

Directed by Vinay Bharadwaj starring Praveen Tej, Radhika Chetan, Dattanna, Ajay Raj. The movie is a journey about the characters completely different from each other have set out to find their next destination in their life. All three characters have diverging personalities and different goals that they are chasing after. 

kannada movie

Completely a life drama that explores the character’s relationships, love interests, friendship, passion, and career. 

Stream it! 

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6. Ayana

Interested in entrepreneurship? This movie is a must-watch. It would be best if you streamed it.

There are many shows/movies about this topic in other languages. But in recent times, we have had it in Kannada too. The movie explores the life of a young entrepreneur in the startup capital of India – Namma Bengaluru. Many of us can relate to this movie as it shows the fun-filled days of our life – the college days. Also, it perfectly captures how the days change your thoughts and point of view with the bigger responsibility calls.

kannada movies on netflix

The OTT has come up with Netflix South exclusively for the south languages, and we should wait and watch. Hope we have some Kannada original shows/series and Kannada movies on Netflix. 

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