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Here are 5 New Kannada Movies to Watch on OTT!

Are you looking for new Kannada movies to watch on OTT?

We’ve got you covered!

There are new Kannada movies out on OTT, and they’re all in different genres, so whether you’re into drama or action/adventure, there is something for you to watch!

In addition to this, they all have one thing in common: they’re worth watching! So here you go – Five new Kannada movies. Watch and enjoy!

1. KGF Chapter 2 – Must Watch Kannada Movie on OTT in Recent times

After watching it in theatres more than once, it is time to stream it again on OTT!

Rocky, the new Bhai of Kolar Gold Fields, has struck fear in the hearts of his enemies and earned the respect of his allies. The government is uneasy about his rise to power, and the enemy gangs are looking for revenge. Watch the second part in the comfort of your home this time!

KGF chapter 2

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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2. Taledanda

One more national award-winning performance by Sanchari Vijay. The film Taledanda highlights the current climate of our planet and its dwindling resources. The protagonist Kunna, a member of the Soliga tribe, takes it upon himself to fight for the cause of preserving mother nature despite battling mental health issues. 

Must watch if you are an nature lover! Who isn’t?

Streaming on Zee5. 

3. Four Walls

Achyuth Kumar plays the lead in this film. The film deals with love, trust, relationships and creativity with the central plot. It is also highlighting the bond between father and daughter. This film will make fathers with daughters and daughters who’ve dealt with strict fathers shed a tear or two. 

Kannada movies on OTT

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

4. Sold 

A worth watching Kannada movie on OTT

An edge of a seat crime thriller is the first reason to watch it. And the second reason to watch is Danish Sait, aka Mr Nags, is seen playing a cop. Exciting, right! The story is about the lives of a gangster, a journalist and 10-year old Rashmi; each one learns something about themselves as they try to find Rashmi after child traffickers kidnap her. 

sold kannada movie

Watch it now on Voot Select. 

5. Man of the Match

Honestly, an experimental movie. It’s a film with a simple story that unfolds in the most heartfelt and natural way, leaving you laughing and smiling. There are lines about gender, but nothing that feels preachy. Watch it or skip it; left to you!

Kannada movies on OTT

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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