June 20, 2024

9 Must-Watch Kannada Movies on OTT in Recent Times

We bet you are a fan of Kannada cinema? So you are reading the ‘must-watch Kannada movies on OTT in recent times’ article. Right? 

Kannada movies are eventually gaining a solid viewer base through these movies, which are available to stream from your comfort zone. Just a click away.

Are you excited about the recent OTT boom in the industry and the number of movies getting released on OTT? Then, this list is for you. 

This article has 9 must-watch Kannada movies on OTT ready for you. In addition to this, if you are still looking for more, don’t worry — we have more lists coming soon.

9 Must-Watch Kannada Movies on OTT

1. Puksatte Lifu

You’ll get to watch the other side of the police department. A brilliant film by the debut director Aravind Kuplikar keeps you hooked from the start to the end. A duplicate key maker, the police, robberies and unforeseen situations – vital elements of the script. Starring late Sanchari Vijay, Achuyth Kumar, Rangayana Raghu. A must watch!

Streaming on Zee5

kannada movies on OTT

2. Bajarangi 2 

A must watch for its astonishing visuals and grandeur. The fantasy world created by director A Harsha is impressive. This movie is technically brilliant. Experience this world on Zee5

3. GGVV – A must-watch Kannada movie on OTT

This sensational gangster saga is highly recommended. This movie makes it to the list of cult classics made in Kannada. This film is worthy of every bit of praise it has garnered. Take a ride to Mangaladevi on Zee5.

must-watch kannada movies on ott

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4. Setharam Benoy Case No 18

A string of robberies accompanied by meticulous planning was carried out without leaving any clues behind. Will Setharam Benoy crack it? This movie is nothing short of an edge of the seat thriller. Impressive performance by Vijay Raghavendra. Watch it on Amazon Prime

5. Ratnan Prapancha

An immersive experience. The movie wins the audience’s hearts by the lead actor’s relatable life in the first few minutes of the story. Ratnakara, A typical twenty-something guy, is living a middle-class life. Also, the character who surprises the viewers in the second half is Udaal Babu Rao. This movie has moments that make your eyes fill with tears. A must watch. Streaming on Amazon Prime. Definitely, you’ll love it. 

6. Kannadiga 

Director Giriraj BM achieves a unique feat: seamlessly integrates a lively, exciting narrative about the efforts to preserve Kannada into a tale that reveals the hidden story behind this struggle. Watch it on Zee5.

7. Ninna Sanihake

A feel-good movie. Stream it on Amazon Prime

8. Popcorn Monkey Tiger

Famous for making realistic characters and dark-natured dramas, Soori’s latest Kannada offering is a gangster movie about the lead character, Tiger Sena. Must-watch Kannada movie. Streaming on Zee5.

9. Amruth Apartments

Quite relatable for Bengalureans and especially if you stay in apartments. This murder mystery makes it a decent watch. Steaming on Amazon Prime.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the must-watch Kannada movies on OTT in recent times. Which one do you guys prefer: watching movies online or going to the theatre? Do let us know in the comments.

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