May 25, 2024

12 Women-Centric Kannada Movies You Must Watch 

The Kannada film industry has produced a few notable women-centric movies that the audience loves. With these films, directors and producers have given fresh perspectives to the movie-watchers and hope to make more such films in the future.  

Here are the top 12 female-centric Kannada movies you’ll love and are a must-watch.

1. Ranganayaki (1981) – One of the Women-Centric Masterpieces in Kannada movies

Ranganayaki is a 1981 Kannada film based on the novel Ranganayaki by Ashwattha. It was directed by Puttanna Kanagal and starred Aarathi as the female lead, Ambareesh, Ramakrishna, and Ashok. 

women centric Kannada movies

2. Sharapanjara (1971)

Puttanna Kanagal directed this film based on Triveni’s novel, with Kalpana and Gangadhar in the lead roles. The movie received positive reviews and is considered one of the best Kannada movies ever made. Triveni’s novel was richly visual, and director Puttanna Kanagal faithfully adapted the story for the screen. 

women centric Kannada movies

3. Gejje Pooje (1969) 

The movie explored the problems of prostitutes. Puttanna Kanagal directed Gejje Pooje, which won two awards at the 17th National Film Awards and five state film awards.

4. Moggina Manasu (2008) 

The story of Chanchala, the female lead, revolves around the concepts of love, friendship and their impact on life. It follows Chanchala’s journey as she pursues higher studies in college. Radhika Pandit and Shuba Punja play the lead roles in a romantic drama film directed by Shashank and produced by E. K. Entertainers. 

moggina manasu

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5. Naticharami ( 2018) – The best Women-Centric Kannada movie in recent times

Nathicharami is the story of Gowri, a girl who is dilemma between her physical desires and her emotional beliefs. The film deals with her struggles in a society that believes physical desire should only be followed by marriage.

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6. Benkiyalli Aralida Hoovu (1983)

Kavitha wonders when she will have time to pursue her dreams, as she is too busy taking care of her mother, siblings, and alcoholic brother’s family.

7. Gantumoote (2019)

This film is set in the 1990s in Bangalore. It tells the story of a high school student, Meera, and her first love. Very much relatable to 90s kids, and it is a must-watch. 

8. Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu (2016)

When politicians try to divide a village based on caste, the village women come together to fight off the oppressors. 

9. Urvi (2017)

Three women, troubled by their lives and caught up in different circumstances, come together to plot revenge against one ordinary man responsible for destroying their lives. The film mainly stars Shruthi Hariharan, Shraddha Srinath, Shweta Pandit, Bhavani Prakash and Jhanvi in the lead roles.

women centric Kannada movies

10. Dia (2020)

Dia is a story about an introverted girl who takes years to confess her feelings. With a lot of unexpected twists and turns makes it an interesting watch. A simple, pure, and realistic female point of view evoking strong emotions with a very personal touch.

11. Shuddhi (2017)

The film deals with the theme of crimes against women in Indian society. Adarsh Eshwarappa directed this crime-drama film. It stars Nivedhitha, Lauren Spartano and Amrutha Karagada in the lead roles.

12. U Turn (2016) 

With a female protagonist, this movie revolves around Rachana, an intern at a leading newspaper who spends weeks researching accidents on a flyover. She’s then accused of murdering a frequent motorist on the same thoroughfare.

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